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 About Stermay  Warrior

We strive to build a corporate culture committed to teamwork, creativity, integrity and enthusiasm.
360 degree feedback is an essential part of our operations, and continuous learning is important to one's career path at Stermay.

We believe that the sum of us imparts greater strength and mutual benefits for all.
On this mission, we are fellow warriors against mediocrity, ineptitude and anything that stops us evolving and improving, as individuals, as a team; for the betterment of ourselves, our community, and our business, and our country.


Liu Ying An- Managing Director of Stermay industrial Ltd.
More than 10 years in the air pump industry and among the early pioneers into the local market.  His passion for design, travel and people are his greatest motivators in his career, and the perfect candidate to lead the Stermay local market strategies as well as establishing Stermay's presence worldwide.

Liu Ying Jia - Managing Director of Huatiao metal & plastic products Co.,Ltd
Has a great passion for design and production managerment.  Leads and coaches the warriors in our factories in the areas of production and development. Huatao air pump manufactory looks all the better because Jack Liu optimised his design talents and production management experience in the innovation and creation of the air pump.

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